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Crowdfunding, which has become a significant player in independent production, appears today as an ideal alternative for this type of project too committed to meet the expectations of most production companies.



The Son of the Olive Merchant  helped us create our own structure of production Zfilms, which is still active today. Our network, our production tools and our expertise have developed since. We work with a professional and talented team, motivated, just like us, not by the financial profit, but by the conviction that a committed and meaningful cinema is necessary, and that to exist, it must free itself from classic production schemes.

About the director

Mathieu Zeitindjioglou is a film director, author, chief editor, artistic director and a painter. He explores image in all its formes and genres: fiction and documentaries (many were awarded), animations, commercials, video art and experimental films. His career has gradually led him to develop a complex and uncompromising but committed and meaningful art. His artistic palette has been enriched by his regular collaborations with other artists and directors. For more information, visit the website:







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For the past few months, we have been working on the preparation of an ambitious film. It is the story of a filmmaker married couple who investigates on how the genocide of the Armenians made the Holocaust possible.


A journey in time and space, combining field investigation, archive footage, expert testimony and animation, in order to decipher the links between the two genocides, and to understand the importance of remembrance.